Monday, February 16, 2009

Sunset at Perjuangan/Jono Beach

Enjoying sunset at a beach always become a good choice to end your stressful day. I decided to spend my weekend by having a vacation at pantai perjuangan that located at Kabupaten Batu Bara, Kuala Tanjung-North Sumatera.

This beach was not famous enough if compared with another beach in North Sumatera. There are no restaurant and another entertainment building standing there. There just standing a simple little cottage a long the beach and become the shelter for the visitor from the sunshine.

I do not recommended you to swim because the beach was muddy so it was not be a good place to play water. After all, if you want to gather some barnacles, there was the place. The muddy beach become a good habitat for their populated.

I went home after taking some pictures especially the sunset so I can post it and share my photographs collection with all of you through my scenery blog. 

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