Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Green Mountain

I really like a view of mountain. I don't know why but if i see a mountain's view make me feel peaceful and happy.

Maybe that's why meditation or another activity that used to refresh our mind take a place in mountains or another quiet place.

The Great Panda

Panda is a large black and white animal that looks like a bear and lives in the mountains of China.Though belonging to the order Carnivora, the Panda has a diet which is 99% bamboo.

The Giant Panda is an endangered species and highly threatened. According to the latest report, China has 239 Giant Pandas in captivity and another 27 living outside the country.

Panda has also served as an china's national emblem beside the dragon. Its image appears on a large number of modern Chinese commemorative silver, gold, and platinum coins. The species is a favorite of the public, at least in part because many people find that it has a baby -like cuteness ( wikipedia).

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