Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Drunken Master's Pumpkin

Drunken master's pumpkin, that how i call this variants of pumpkin.Its unique shape make me interested to publish in my post this time. We just planted this pumpkin for several months and it's already produces a lot of pumpkin.
If you ever seen old Chinese kungfu movie, you will find that they use this kind of pumpkin to take wine or water on their journey. May be by using drunken master's pumpkin to take water more safety then using plastic bottle which contains many dangerous chemical substance.
just back to nature :)


enjoytheworld said...

yes, It is lot more better than plastic. People should realize the fact and stop avoiding the things which are not good to health. Thanks for the useful post....

PALS said...

Nice tree.. Is that a real picture? I haven't seen just like that one in real life. I hope someone send me..

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Hazel Lin said...

this is a nice picture and I think you are right. I think natural products are way better than plastic ones. I like this post. =)

Raimo 'RayRay' Pregel said...

Wow! This looks cool :)
I think I´ve seen this kind of pumpkin before and.. it might have been in a movie :)

take care!

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